Our New Program is Drumming Up A Sweat!

Drumsticks clicked overhead and pounded on exercise balls is the latest workout trend to hit the Hunter. But this program is not targeted to gym junkies or those mustering dreams of rock glory.

Songbird has brought an American-based drumming craze to the Hunter, in the form of the Drums Alive program for people with disability.

Based at Songbird HQ in Thornton and suitable for all ages and abilities, the program combines movement with the powerful beat and distraction of drumming for a brain and body workout.

Founder, Carrie Ekins developed Drums Alive whilst wheelchair bound recuperating from a hip injury.

Disability Day Program Thornton, SongbirdDisability Day Program Thornton, Songbird

Songbird Services Manager, Karen Horne said that research shows that people with a disability and people experiencing mental illness are far more likely to live a sedentary lifestyle than the general population. The Drums Alive program is designed to get individuals engaged in and enjoying exercise.

“Cardio drumming is a great way to reach everybody, of any age or any fitness level and say ‘here’s something you can do, with music you love, and you can have so much fun doing it!’ It’s a great way to get people who aren’t currently exercising to branch into the physical activity that is so critical to healthy living,”

In addition to the fitness aspect, we’re adding cognition to whatever we’re doing. Whether its literacy, numeracy or other learning, we’re fusing the mind and body for an amazing workout!

Drumming has long been recognised as a therapeutic tool aiding the reduction of stress, helping to increase focus, improving motor coordination and activating the left and right brain function.

The Drums Alive program launched this month and is currently running as a day program on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9.30am to 2.30pm. Songbird is currently seeking expressions of interest for children’s classes. For enquiries please contact Karen Horne on 0484 395 620.