Songbird provides personalised drop-in support and community access for NDIS participants who live in their own homes, with their family or in other shared living arrangements.

This service is designed to assist people with a disability to live independently in their own homes, community and to achieve their goals. Support workers will provide support and training in a variety of areas depending on what you need.

We know that one of the most important things for an NDIS participant is to trust their provider and feel safe. Whether this is in an accomodation setting, while getting supported at home or when engaging out in the community, it’s of utmost importance to Songbird to always go above and beyond and to make sure our participants are listened to and respected.

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How Does Community Access and In-Home Support
Help You Live Your Best Life?

Daily Activities Support

  • Everyone has different levels of functioning in their day-to-day life and therefore requires different levels of support.
  • You may need a carefully selected support worker who’s the right fit and you feel comfortable with to assist you with personal care.
  • Or you may be after someone to support you in meal preparation, grocery shopping and cleaning around the house.
  • Our support workers not only provide these services but also work with you to identify and build capacity in daily living skills that matter to you.

Community Access

  • Support workers can help you to maintain your lifestyle and to access your vocation and employment.
  • This support to access and become part of your community is vital for mental wellbeing.
  • Includes support to access social and sporting activities and holidays.
  • We can also support you in maintaining personal relationships.
  • Our team prioritise your self-esteem, communication, self-advocacy, rights and empower you to make your own decisions and choices.

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