How Does NDIS Funding Work?

How Does NDIS Funding Work?

Disability funding in NSW has increased by billions under the NDIS, and more backing means more choice! But to make the most of your plan, you need to understand its financing.

As an NDIS participant, you will receive annual funding to pay for services, supports and equipment approved in your plan. This budget depends on what is reasonable and necessary to reach your goals, so it can be adjusted as your needs, skills and aspirations develop.

Thanks to such personalised funding, you can live your life free of any financial barriers to disability support.

NDIS Support Categories

Core Supports

  • Help with day-to-day tasks, current needs and short-term goals
  • Flexible funding allows you to spend your budget across support categories
  • Include Daily Activities, Consumables, Transport and Social & Community Participation

Capacity Building Supports

  • Develop your skills and confidence to achieve long-term goals
  • You can only use funding for approved services within each support category
  • Include Support Coordination, Relationships, Employment and Lifelong Learning

Capital Supports

  • Involve once-off, higher-cost purchases to improve your quality of life
  • You must only spend this funding on its specified purpose
  • Include Assistive Technology and Home Modifications

How To Manage Your NDIS Funding

You can run your funds yourself, have a Plan Manager handle all funding for you or permit the NDIA to pay for support on your behalf. You may even decide to mix all three options!

No matter the management method, you will have choice and control over which disability support services you purchase. You can also keep track of your funding through the myplace portal whenever you like.

Self-Managed Funding

The NDIA gives you the funding and flexibility to decide which disability supports will help you achieve your goals. Learn more about self-managed funding.

Plan-Managed Funding

The NDIA includes funding for a Plan Manager in your NDIS plan, who pays service providers, tracks funds and creates financial reports for you. Learn more about Plan-managed funding.

NDIA-Managed Funding

The NDIA purchases support services on your behalf, managing all payments and keeping records of your expenses. Learn more about NDIA-managed funding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

NDIS support is available to every eligible Australian, regardless of their financial situation. It is not means tested and has no impact on income support, such as the Disability Support Pension and Carers Allowance.

The NDIA considers any support that enables participants to achieve otherwise challenging goals as reasonable and necessary.

These goals can involve a variety of life domains, such as living arrangements, social bonds, education or employment.

NDIS-funded support services will help participants to:

  • Pursue life goals
  • Foster independence
  • Improve social and economic functioning
  • Build capacity to participate actively within the community

Every year, the NDIA sets a price for common disability supports to make sure you receive value for money.

The NDIS Price Guide helps participants and providers to understand the scheme’s pricing structure and regulations, including price caps, quote requirements and service agreements.

While providers cannot charge more than the NDIS Price Guide outlines, participants may negotiate pricing to pay less for services and maximise value for money.

We recommend using the NDIS Price Guide as a benchmark, respecting the worth of each support service.

We provide a variety of NDIS supports for individuals with a disability, including Support Coordination, Supported Independent Living, and Day Programs and Activities.

No matter your ability, we can help you to:

  • Achieve more independence
  • Transition from one life stage to another
  • Move out of your family home and into your own
  • Access therapist support
  • Develop new skills for day-to-day living
  • Strengthen family relationships and make new friendships
  • Become an active member of your local community
  • Earn work experience and secure employment

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