Building Belinda’s Forever Home

Building Belinda’s Forever Home

As part of our mission as a Supported Independent Living provider, Songbird were thrilled with the opportunity to create a forever home for our much-loved and long-term participant, Belinda.

Building Belinda’s forever home in Lake Macquarie involved an amazing partnership between ourselves and BlueCHP Ltd, a not-for-profit Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) Provider. Working collaboratively allowed us to transform Belinda’s life by ensuring her support needs were met while providing care in an environment that allowed her to be more independent and to achieve her NDIS goals.

Meet Belinda

Belinda Wansey is one of our original participants, having joined the Songbird family in Newcastle, New South Wales over 7 years ago. During her time at Songbird, Belinda has formed fantastic relationships with our staff and support workers, and has never failed to spread a smile with her positive and cheerful personality.

Time and time again, Belinda has proved herself to be independent, enjoying everyday tasks like washing the dishes, making her bed, washing her clothes and sending emails to keep in touch with the Songbird team. Belinda lives a very busy lifestyle and loves to spend time with her mum Helen, or go out for lunch.

Teaming up with BlueCHP Ltd

Belinda approached us and identified that her needs were changing and that she was worried the property she was currently living in was no longer going to be able to meet these needs. Her equipment was increasing and there wasn’t enough room in the property to house it all.

With her increasing requirements, our Marketing & Intake Manager Tahneil worked with BlueCHP, a community housing provider specialising in social housing, affordable housing and Specialist Disability Accommodation. BlueCHP purchased some land in Boolaroo, Lake Macquarie and sourced a builder, while our team worked with Belinda to develop a brief of all the specifications required to make the property accessible and flexible to suit her developing needs.


“Working together to transform lives.”


Supporting Belinda’s Independent Living

This was a wonderful opportunity to design a home with independent living in mind, and included wide corridors and doorways for wheelchair access, grab rails and a smart system with integrated air conditioning, blinds and automated lighting.

Future possibilities were also considered (such as a decline in mobility), so ceiling hoists and adjustable kitchen benchtops were also added to the home to ensure it truly was a forever home for Belinda.

“When they offered me this house, I couldn’t believe it. I always wanted it to be big, accessible, so I could get around the house. Able to do things like washing my own dishes.” – Belinda

When Belinda saw the home for the first time, she screamed with excitement. Belinda has always said that she wanted to live independently and this property has helped fulfill that dream for her. Belinda relishes in the everyday tasks most take for granted. Being able to access the laundry and wash her own clothes has been a difficult task in the past. Now, in the SDA property, Belinda is able to do this freely in her fully-considered laundry room. Everything has been planned for Belinda’s access, including being able to take her own dishes to the sink, cook her own food and navigate rooms with ease.

“This is where she wanted to be. She absolutely loves it. She would stay with Songbird forever” – Helen, Belinda’s Mum


Empowering Disability Support Services

Supported Independent Living with Songbird is more than just a place to call home. It means compassionate care and support from highly-trained staff members who care about you.

Our participants feel safe and valued in an accessible and welcoming home environment that is tailored to their individual needs to help them live their best life.

If you are seeking disability accommodation or daily life assistance, we provide 24/7 support in homes throughout the Hunter, including Maitland, Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Cessnock and beyond. Contact us to get started on your independent living journey.